Future-proofing Production

To ignite the creative and production evolution of brands and organisations.

To lead innovation in the creative production industry through emerging technologies, agile exploration and quick prototyping, resulting in new ways of working.

To take the complicated out of the complex and accelerate the way clients can benefit from cutting-edge production technologies.

To provide faster, smarter and better ways of working by bringing data-driven personalised advertising to market quicker than ever before, at scale.

We team up with clients to build new products, services and ways of working through the exploration of emerging technologies that drive innovation and generate future efficiencies.

With the future always in mind, we provide scalable solutions that empower enterprising brands to evolve the way they create advertising, by:

  • Connecting with the best in class and bringing innovation to the heart of everything
  • Uniting people, teams and departments to solve core production challenges
  • Utilising best-in-class technology, industry-leading partners and global production experts to build future-proof, open and adaptable solutions
  • Working in partnership with clients to refine and test tailored solutions
  • Rolling out solutions globally and making them available to all Hogarth clients
Hogarth.io is an agile independent unit composed of creative technologists and global production experts who collaborate to form an innovation outpost and is led by:
Werner Huber

Werner (Wern) is a long standing Hogarthian of 10 years, and with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry he has a pedigree in high-end post-production systems, having been part of the team that built the influential broadcast models we still use today.

As part of our global expansion, Wern was a founding member of Hogarth’s Singapore office in 2012, setting up its broadcast capabilities, and has subsequently delivered this for the wider APAC region.

Francisco Lima

Francisco started his career in the early 90s, creating visual effects (VFX) for TV series.

His strong background in technology and content production, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, has led him to develop innovative solutions for multiple industries in the content creation market, including film, TV and advertising. 

Francisco has been part of Hogarth’s successful high-end Post/VFX offering in Gramercy Park Studios and has been defining best practice and driving innovation since he joined in 2013.


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