Starting again to create a brand new campaign in 16 days


With an original commercial already shot and being edited when lockdown was announced, we were challenged with creating a new spot to still meet the original delivery and airdate, just 2 weeks later.

Hogarth Sea Containers (SFX, Online, Offline Edit)
Starting again to create a brand new campaign in 16 days

Once the new concept and script had been approved by the client, we began the casting over a weekend to find a lead, before three days of remote pre production over Zoom.

Shot on Samsung Galaxy G20+’s in 4K, the two-day shoot was captured remotely with the phones used as hard drives with the client could review over Zoom.

Once the shoot was complete the phones were then shipped to the editor in effect using them as hard drives. Our editor then had just 48 hours to pull together the footage and get approval on his cut.

The shoot was kept intentionally simple to shorten the amount of time spent on SFX – the comping in of the other cast members on their phones and addition of emojis was laid out initially by our post team and then fine-tuned through a Zoom shared screen with the creatives and account teams all watching and approving each stage as we worked through them. The voiceover artist had a full record at home studio and the audio post work was crafted remotely via Zoom sharing multiple WIP’s until we had approval.

Starting again to create a brand new campaign in 16 days

In just 16 days from brief to delivery, the team managed to create a brand new campaign from scratch for VOXI, resulting in a 30 second ad for TV and bespoke short format social video.