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Producing a powerful and human campaign for Galderma


Galderma wanted an emotionally and functionally powerful claim-driven new global campaign for their brand Loceryl to persuade potential customers to switch from competitors. 


The brand needed a holistic production approach to ensure the campaign worked across a broad range of media to reach the primary audiences, relevant for key markets (Germany, Russia, Italy and the UK).

Fusion Learning, Home
primary production
Hogarth, Palma Pictures & LGA Management / Lampshade Productions
post production
GPS @ Hogarth
Producing a powerful and human campaign for Galderma

With the creative idea focusing on ‘feeling ready to free your feet’, it was important to ensure that this was visually engaging and clearly brought to life to ensure standout.


Hogarth was involved in the holistic production of all assets from pre-production (director, photographer search & treatments, location scout, casting etc.), through shoot, post production and final delivery.


The end result captured expressive and very human moments with some spontaneity, approaching every image from a fresh perspective to draw the eye to the message.


Producing a powerful and human campaign for Galderma

There was an extremely positive reception from the local markets to the toolkit created, enabling them to roll out the new global campaign and communications strategy while ensuring a consistent and on-brand message regardless of location. 


Overall, Hogarth delivered 87 global master assets across different media channels, including traditional TVCs, social videos for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, digital HTML5 displays, and print. This included: 


4 x 20” TVCs

8 x 15” TVCs

8 x 10” TVCs

8 x 6” YouTube videos

8 x 6” Facebook Feed Videos

8 x 6 “ Instagram videos

8 x HTML banners

16 x KV masters

6 x product application shots featuring talent

13 x pack compositions


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